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Butterware provides online ordering websites to sandwich shops, delivery vans and other lunch businesses, helping them to become more efficient and boost sales.

Cost savings and happier customers

Butterware's carefully designed online ordering system will increase efficiency and help to drive both new and repeat business.

For collection

Reduce queues and serve more customers during busy periods.

For delivery

Customers get what they want and the van doesn’t come back with wastage.

Your brand

Your shop, your menu, your branding

  • Dedicated website with control over branding and customer base

  • Full menu flexibility and automated in-house order printing

  • Configure payment options, order deadlines and delivery zones

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Customer voices

Cook & Garcia

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Janet Garcia, Co-Founder

“Since launching the Butterware ordering system in May 2014 our online sales have been the fastest growing part of our business.”


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Steve Hinds, Partner

"The Butterware service pretty much does everything except make the sandwiches."

Francombs Sandwiches

Small joe b55b6e10160b329862c9818b67adcaf15a09a03296f5b123037bdd47e194b328

Joe Francomb, Founder

"In the last twelve months, our online sales have multiplied five-fold and now represent 20% of our business and it’s still the fastest growing part."


Butterware charges a flat 2.5% (+ VAT) commision on all orders placed and fulfilled through the system. Our setup costs are as low as we can make them but will vary depending on your situation and needs. Please get in touch for more information.

Featured sites

Original candg

Cook & Garcia

Cook & Garcia have recently opened a second store in the centre of London following the success of their first in Richmond. Their online sales focus on buffet orders for local businesses.

Original baileys


Baileys are one of our most recent clients and are enjoying taking their brand online.

Original francombs


Francombs has been unstoppable, celebrating almost continual growth through online sales which now represent more than 20% of their overall sales.

Original taste2u


We've been fortunate to work with Taste2u since 2011. They launched with a delivery service which was so successful they added a cafe and collection offering within a year.

Get in touch to find out more.