Our team and our product are here to help you grow your business

With the Butterware system, it's simple to take your business online, reach more customers and streamline your operations without significant investment - add online Breakfast, Lunch, Buffets or corporate all through our proven solution.

Why Butterware

By combining our product with your business we can work together to really grow your revenue, increase profits, reduce costs and create a loyal customer base that returns again and again.

Increase income

Turn £234 pounds of marketing spend into £10k of income - see how our clients achieve this.

Robust business

Over 2.5m pounds processed via our Butterware system.

Here to Stay

10 years of experience creating Local High Street presence and success - here to stay.

Be the No.1 on your highstreet
for "food to go"

Butterware Pricing

Our pricing strategy motivates us to help you grow because ultimately, we are only successful if you are. Butterware’s pricing is split into three parts, each reflecting a different part of our service.


Our basic pricing offers everything you need to get online and start to transform your business.


In addition to everything in our basic package, you get extra features to help you grow faster and access to our credit/debit card payment gateway.


Our top tier includes additional personalised support, both technical and business. Make use of the extra time we’ll provide you to really make a difference to your business. Due to the extra commitment, we don’t have more than three Premium customers at any time.

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