Supporting food delivery

Help for food businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic

If you have an existing food business, we can help you to quickly and securely take it online.

This means your business can continue to operate throughout the pandemic with an effective collection and delivery service.

Our system is:

  • Proven with over 9 years service & over £2.5M of orders securely processed
  • Cost effective - the lowest pricing of any online order service
  • Simple but highly flexible - designed by lunch businesses for lunch businesses

Our team are:

  • Experienced
  • Dedicated
  • Here to help

We are also offering a way to spread the initial set-up costs over 6 months, so that you can keep controls on your cashflow during this crisis.

For customers looking to start up online quickly we recommend:

The Growth set-up = £850 (spread over 6 months, if needed), Basic monthly fee = £25/month (you can upgrade to Growth and enable market-beating credit card rates when you need to, but this process can take a number of weeks for finance approvals)

Give us a call on 01242 807487‬ and we'll help you to keep your business running