The Government announced on 25 June that all prepackaged food will be required to carry a full list of ingredients. This is to help the nation’s 2 million food allergy sufferers avoid further life threatening situations.

The new law is in direct response to the publicity surrounding the unfortunate death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in 2016 after she suffered an allergic reaction to a mislabeled sandwich from Pret a Manger. The new legislation, ‘Natasha’s Law’, will strengthen the rules by requiring foods that are pre-packed directly for sale to carry a full list of ingredients – giving allergy sufferers greater trust in the food they buy.

Regulations will be introduced by the end of summer 2019, requiring full ingredients labelling for foods prepacked for direct sale, and the new laws will come into force by summer 2021 – giving businesses time to adapt to the change.

At Butterware, we already support our clients with the ability to list full allergens for every breakfast, lunch or buffet produced, ensuring their customers have the information needed to make a safe buying choice.

This is a serious issue and we are pleased that the Government has announced further rules to clarify ingredient listing and we will be ensuring we keep our clients ahead of the game should any changes be required.

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