The team at Butterware HQ thought it would be very appropriate to celebrate National Sandwich Day, as we are, after all, one of the leading online Sandwich software providers in the UK, facilitating the online sale of hundreds of thousands of sandwiches to date.

Hopefully you should be aware that John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, is claimed to be the inventor of the Sandwich!

This gentleman is now responsible for an 8 billion pound industry in the UK with over 2 billion sandwiches produced annually in Great Britain.*

So if you are thinking about going out for a Sandwich on national Sandwich Day here are the Butterware team’s top 5 tempting fillings for you to think about:-


1. Graeme our MD’s Top Sandwich Choice

Bacon, Blue Cheese & Avocado “very tasty” 

2. Steve our Strategy Guru

Coronation Chicken “a no brainer” 

3. Grant our Web Design Boffin

Toasted Cheese and Marmite “Gert Lush” apparently!

4. David our Software Genius

The simple Jambon Beurre “the best when you find the good bread, good ham, and good butter” (did I mention he is French?)

5. Euan, Chief Customer Cuddler and Sales

Haggis and Bacon Sandwich “a heart attack waiting to happen but a fantastic taste of home for a treat!”

We hope our tasty and eclectic range of tempting sandwich fillings has your mouth watering and helps you decide how to celebrate National Sandwich Day.

If we can help you with growing your sandwich business online by up to 20% please drop us a line via our website and we will be happy to help you.

*Source: Independent Newspaper