Improving business operations for Sandwich Shops and Delivery Businesses

Are you running a local Sandwich Shop or Lunch Delivery Service? If so, you are without doubt providing a crucial service to local businesses and to other members of the public who may drop in to pick up lunch on the hoof. What to many of your customers may appear to be a straightforward operation – they just want a sandwich and perhaps a drink and a bag of crisps - can, we know, be a chaotic and demanding world behind the scenes. Understanding this, Butterware has developed an online solution for Sandwich shop owners that reduces the stress and opens up opportunities to introduce or, if already operating them, improve delivery services to your regular customers.

Do you always have the sandwich the customer wants?

Two of the key ingredients in any successful Lunch-to-go business, as in many others, are to maximise sales and deliver customer satisfaction without having left over unsold goods. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to get right and, if you are providing deliveries; perhaps doing a regular round on one or two industrial estates or parking up in a central location in an office park, you’re inevitably dealing with a fickle clientele, highly likely to want something different each day. If a particular office is at the end of a regular lunch time run, or even if you swap your route around so that different people get to you first over the course of a week; someone, each day, is almost inevitably going to be left with little choice and, quite possibly, an unloved and unwanted, crumpled sandwich that those who came before have mauled over but rejected. It is a familiar scenario, but we are sure you would agree: it’s not appetising, it doesn’t send out the right message and it may well result in unsold items.

Efficient systems and satisfied customers help to grow your business…

At we have a solution to this dilemma and it’s as neat and complete as rare beef & horseradish sauce on a lightly grilled ciabatta roll. We currently work with a number of increasingly successful businesses, who specialise in providing lunch time sandwiches, snacks and drinks for busy working people. We have designed and developed for them an online ordering platform; essentially a website, tailored to each Lunch-to-go’s own business and operations. The system provides an easily managed and time saving ordering process and improves both the efficiency and the quality of delivery of lunches to customers, either to the office door or via collection in store. It helps any Lunch-to-go business to better gauge the need for and be able to consistently provide exactly what customers want, even if that changes from day to day. In store, it helps to reduce queuing and waiting times at busy periods. It helps businesses to add value to their operation by providing pre-ordered items where and when the customer wants them and, for all these reasons and more, it builds loyalty, increases profitability and enhances the likelihood both of repeat customers and of those customers referring your business to others.

The perfect sandwich for every customer…

The online platform we provide is suitable for either single premises or a man with a van, or larger businesses operating from different outlets in a variety of locations. It’s simple to use and even produces labels to help make sure pre-ordered items get to the right people. Without it, someone might still be left with little choice and less than the perfect lunch. With it, there’s no doubt that any local Sandwich Bar businesses and all their customers can have their sandwich and eat it, with relish…or possibly without, but you’ll know in advance what to prepare!