We think lunchtime online ordering is a good idea, but that's a given really as it's the basis of our business. We see the evidence and hear the stories from our clients so we know it works and why. Indeed, the reaction when we speak to people about our system is almost universally 'That's a good idea!'.

There were a couple of articles in the catering industry last week which were interesting and help to support our own experiences. Both articles are centered around the pizza trade, but it's not a big leap in imagination to see how their experiences (and results) are applicable to lunchtime.

The first article was from Lunch Business 'Domino’s sales increase led by e-commerce' - http://lunchbusiness.co.uk/domino-s-sales-increase-led-e-commerce

The figure that leapt out at me was that 77% of Domino's delivery sales are now placed online. That's amazing! Clearly consumers are jumping on board, enjoying the convenience of placing and paying for their order online. And no doubt Domino's are
pushing hard too as it frees up staff to prepare orders instead of taking orders over the phone (and cuts down on miscommunication at the same time).

The second article is from the US of A and shows what the next step is likely to be in the UK too. This article was posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-tech-killing-off-independent-pizzerias-aaron-d-allen

It talks about the same trend in America, but that the shift towards online sales has had a very negative impact on small independents. Basically because they don't have a website to support the change in their customers' ordering habits.

While I can see the same trend towards online sales happening here, I really hope that Butterware can support independent caterers so that they're not left behind. Our software not only gives them an online sales channel, but as we provide a unique website for each client it does so it a way that allows them to maintain their brand. Essentially, they can play with the big boys!