It's been a hectic period here at Butterware. As well as all the usual stuff we do like coding new features and supporting our customer base, we've also been beavering away on our investment campaign. Most of that has been spending more hours than I care to think about writing our investment brochure.

Most people think of Dragons' Den when you mention raising money for your business. Indeed, more that a few people have suggested that route. And while I did consider it now and again, I really didn't fancy being that poor bloke, nervously sweating in front of cameras. It felt like too much rested on your performance rather than the idea and I didn't want to take that risk.

The reality of investing outside of TV-land is that people want more detail that you can get across in two minutes before they'll invest their hard earned money. In order to satisfy this (assumed) thirst for facts and data, our investment brochure weighs in at a favourable 44 pages. Hopefully we've struck a reasonable balance between informing and overwhelming.

The brochure is complete, as is the video and we've started the submissions process with a crowd-funding company. Until that launches, we still have to find a few early backers to get the momentum started so it's no rest just yet. Press-releases, networking and follow-ups. And just occasionally stopping for lunch!

If you're interested in investing in Butterware, please head over to our dedicated investment website -