Everyone wishes they knew just a little bit more about what exactly their customers want. It would certainly make life easier, wouldn’t it?

We reviewed a couple of key industry reports - KeyNote, Coffee & Sandwich Shops Market Update and Mintel, Sandwiches and Lunchtime Foods UK – and here are the highlights that everyone in the lunch to go industry needs to know.

1.    34% of people repeat order

This is important because it not only gives you a figure to aim to surpass, but also, knowing that a third of your clients repeat order, you can look at what it is these people are ordering, are there patterns?

2.    58% of people are put off by queues

This is a huge number, nearly 6 out of 10 people will be put off by a queue, so if you’re busy, you could be leaving a massive amount of money on the table. A recent report from the British Sandwich Association stated people in busy city locations will only queue for up to two minutes before walking away. What can you do to help those people get the level of service they want?

3.    ‘Create your own’ menu structures can help stave off ‘menu fatigue’

A simple quick-win, if you aren’t offering ‘create your own’ options, you’re probably losing people over the long-term.

4.    Consumers like loyalty incentives

Again, what are you missing out on by not treating your best customers the best? What message does it send out to someone who buys from you regularly if you offer nothing to them in the way of thanks?

5.    62% of people said they would use takeaway counters if available

So the majority of people want a takeaway option, that means that if you’re not giving them that option, guess what? They’ll find someone who does...

6.    51% said they would be more likely to use priority queues if they were available

Like with the loyalty incentives - if you don’t treat your most valuable clients the way they want to be treated, they might soon be someone else’s most valuable clients.

So, how many of these are you doing? And what can you implement quickly to capitalise on these ideas?