Butterware’s pricing model means that we only make money when you do!

Butterware Pricing

Butterware’s pricing model means that we only make money when you do!

To get you up and running though, we’ve created a range of simple plans to help you choose the level of support you need and the right blend of extras to help you grow your new revenue quickly.


Guided site setup
Our team will provide email and telephone guidance to help you get your site up and running quickly.

One hour pre-launch call
Let our experts help you finalise your site, develop a marketing plan and prepare for lift-off!

Shared online project management tool
Use of our tailored management tools along with online support to get your site up and running quickly.

Rolling 30-day license agreement

Assistance selecting a suitable domain name
Stand out from the crowd with the right domain name for your business.

Proof-reading of initial site content and menu prior to launch
Make sure your site looks professional from day one. We will also advise on suitable images and the best format for phones, laptops etc.

Provision of stock imagery
Choose from a wide range of lunch images to help you quickly get up and running.

Up to 10

Up to 30

Hands-on help configuring your domain name with any domain registrar
We’ll remove the technical headaches and translate the process into plain English!

Assistance selecting and configuring an email provider if you don’t already have one.

Face-to-face training and setup day
Spend a day learning how to get the very best out of the Butterware system so that you can grow quickly.

Marketing kickstarter kit - Window stickers, 1000 A5 leaflets
Also available separately - contact us for prices.

Logo enhancement for web presentation (if needed)
Standard logo images often lose their quality when viewed on the internet. We’ll make sure your logo looks professional no matter what device you customer uses.

Assistance writing terms and conditions
Strongly recommended and essential if taking card payments online.

Monthly Fee

The following charges are per month and are made up of a small fixed charge, depending on your preferred service and a percentage charge based on your sales through the website.

We work incredibly hard to support our customers, and in order to do that properly, we limit the number of Basic and Growth clients and only take on 3 new Premium clients per year. This limit makes sure we’re giving the best possible service to our customers. This may increase in the future as we grow.

If you have more than one website, any subsequent sites are charged at the Basic rate no matter which level of service you choose for your first. All websites will enjoy the benefits of the rate chosen for your first website.

You may switch plans at any time with one full month’s notice.


Cloud hosting
Includes 24x7 access and a range of licensed 3rd party tools built into the Butterware system

Full menu capability (Lunch, Breakfast, Buffets)

Ticketed support

Rolling 30-day license agreement

Quarterly feature update

Address geolocation and approval rules
Maximise your delivery efficiency!

Built-in marketing tools
Includes vouchers, meal deals, recommend a friend

Allergen compliance

Butterware payment gateway licence for best rate debit/credit card processing

Request new features for the Butterware team to develop

Prioritised support

Annual meeting with a member of the Butterware leadership team
Via phone or face-2-face as mutually agreeable

Personalised new feature walkthrough
Our team will personally show you how new features work so that you can immediately benefit.

Membership of the Butterware premier customer club
A network for online food suppliers - share best practice, discuss tips and participate in our annual events.