Our clients has shown that corporate organisations are now looking for ways to keep their employees fed.


Experience from our clients has shown that corporate organisations and large offices are now looking for new and more interesting ways to keep their employees fed and happy without leaving the office.

By using Butterware - either directly or as a ‘whitelabel’ service -  your food service can offer lunch to these groups in a managed, efficient and controlled way.

  • Use Butterware to provide a dedicated service to larger offices
  • Expand your business without expanding your premises
  • Manage large order volumes with our clear recording and tracking
  • Customise your site and special offers to encourage higher spending
  • Use our marketing tools to highlight offers and encourage repeat orders

Developed over 9 years by working closely with independent food retailers, the Butterware system is simple to use, simple to set-up and can add significant new revenue without adding even more hours to your working day.

We’ve enabled small, independent businesses to provide lunch for all staff in nationally recognised corporate organisations - sometimes with a guaranteed spend from every employee.  Get in touch and we’ll tell you how.

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